California legislator aims to ban 'affluenza' as criminal defense

Spoiled youngsters shouldn't be in a position to spoil your odds of victims to obtain justice each moment a criminal act provides occurred."

CNN's Dana Ford contributed to this report.

Affluenza snared national headlines late this past year when Texas teenager Ethan Couch received ten numerous years of probation following slamming into a parked vehicle south associated with Fort Worth.

The bill particularly states, "Circumstances throughout mitigation in the punishment prescribed by law shall not really include the fact that the actual defendant may not have understood the particular consequences associated with his or her actions because he or even the girl had been raised inside an affluent or overly permissive household."

"Perhaps the actual notion of private duty seems antiquated to be able to some," Gatto stated inside a news launch this week. McLaughlin, CNN

California legislation would ban "affluenza" as defense or during post-trial sentencing

Prosecutors wanted Couch sentenced into a maximum associated with two decades powering bars, even even though the 16-year-old's defense team argued that will Couch's well-to-do mothers and also fathers should reveal the actual blame for your crash simply because that they never set boundaries and also gave him every little thing he wanted.

A psychologist testified in which Couch has been the product involving affluenza and informed the court the teen's existence could be turned around if he were separated from his mothers as well as fathers as well as positioned in a remedy program.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Los Angeles, launched a new bill within the state Legislature on Tuesday that would outlaw the particular protection in trial or in your course of post-trial sentencing, in accordance with the information release through Gatto's office.

January 16, 2014 -- updated 1756 GMT (0156 HKT)

Legislator cites case by which Texas teen's lawyers utilized protection in case of four deaths

"Majority folks believe that individuals ought to own up to their own actions," lawmaker says

STORY HIGHLIGHTS. The Actual struck vehicle then slid into yet another vehicle shifting in the opposite direction.

(CNN) -- It appears being mere coincidence in which any California lawmaker's bill to be able to ban your protection associated with "affluenza" arrives the week prior to end up being able to the television debut associated with "Rich Kids involving Beverly Hills."

A judge agreed, stating that if Couch violated the particular terms of his probation, he could face approximately 10 years of incarceration, based on an announcement in the Tarrant County, Texas, Criminal District Attorney's Office.

Gatto's legislation, AB 1508, "would forbid the judge or even jury from lowering the sentence of your defendant who claims that being raised in the wealthy or excessively lenient home somehow explains or even absolves in which defendant's guilt," according to the information release.

Four everyone was killed, and 2 folks riding within the bed regarding Couch's pickup truck had been tossed along with severely injured.

By Eliott C. "But I consider the vast majority people believe that people should very own as significantly as his or her actions, as well as which criminals really shouldn't be able to use their wealth or even privilege to minimize the particular severity involving their own sentences

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