Top Defense Lawyers Weigh In on Holloway Case

ABC News: Can Be it possible Natalie Holloway died accidentally nevertheless that there is no coverup, that your ex entire body wasn't discovered simply because your woman ventured in in order to a hard-to-reach place like the sea?

So I don't purchase any of those theories. Generally, when there's an accident, people just depart our bodies exactly where it is. Usually, the sole occasion somebody handles up a new death is when there is criminal conduct involved, because they're fearful of the authorities discovering their particular part in it.

Criminal protection attorney, New York

ABC News: Will Be it feasible that Natalie Holloway died accidentally, and that there was a new coverup to hide her body?

We don't possess a response to the mystery. I consider your drugs are an essential bit of evidence, nevertheless it isn't final little bit of evidence by simply which in turn the authorities must near this investigation.

Chris Tritico

ABC news inquired some of the nation's best criminal defense lawyers whatever they thought in regards for you to the possibilities.

Represented Timothy McVeigh

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Gerry Schargel

ABC News: is it feasible that Natalie Holloway died accidentally but your ex body wasn't recovered?

Black: It's very hard to lose a new human body. That Will may happen, however that is really rare. Drugs usually are usually not talismans inside whose presence most another evidence inside the case moves away and disappears.

Aruban police apparently suspect that complications involving alcohol and perhaps drugs killed Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, who vanished during a trip towards the Dutch Caribbean island and has been lacking since may 30.

Tritico: I think that certainly that's a possibility. Together With decomposition, there's a really pungent smell, and also it's very simple to discover an inactive body.

Schargel: It's tough to remark in that. Your theory she died accidentally along with somehow your ex entire body disappeared is extremely unlikely.

Roy Black

ABC News: How significant are generally witness statements which Natalie was seen with drugs?

ABC News: Can Be it possible that they died accidentally and also in which the girl body wasn't found?

Represented John Gotti, Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, Daniel Pelosi

Schargel: That knows? the top quality of this investigation continues to end up being able to be lower than stellar. The Actual proven fact that the girl entire body has never been discovered leans much more toward a homicide compared to an accidental death. However simply because we don't get every one involving the items of this puzzle, we truly don't come together with an answer.. There's one of a pair of possibilities. Why would anybody throw it at sea or perhaps anywhere else?

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Black: The Particular trouble with that is typically folks don't protect up a significant accident or even an accidental overdose. This might be that since with the drugs, the girl died an accidental death. Whenever somebody dies, it's practically often discovered, because it's very hard to lose or perhaps dispose of your human body. but if a person else dies accidentally associated with drugs and alcohol, it's most likely somebody might have sought healthcare attention. Nevertheless another possibility is that the particular drugs combined with some other people, and he or she could possess nevertheless been killed.

ABC News: How significant are generally witness statements stating Natalie Holloway had drugs?

Witnesses have arrive forward whom say the then 18-year-old Holloway had drugs in their possession and also had been heavily drinking your day she disappeared, Gerald Dompig, Aruba's deputy chief involving police, told CBS television's "48 Hrs Mystery" program.

Represented William Kennedy Smith, Rush Limbaugh

So having an accident, there's no reason to spend for it up. As Well As the undeniable fact that the woman's entire body could have disappeared on the small island smacks more of murder as compared to drugs as well as alcohol.

Tritico: It's difficult to tell whenever we haven't any context where to put the particular drugs. This particular theory is actually somewhat far-fetched since if your woman died of an accidental overdose, there was pointless pertaining to anybody to pay for it up

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